Also known as caries, or more common described, as tooth decay

There are a variety of treatments available, all depending on how far cavities have progressed.

Dental fillings replace lost dental tissue, thus restoring structural integrity of the tooth while protecting the remaining healthy
tooth, from further decay. The more you delay the treatment of initial small cavities, more damage to the affected tooth you are allowing. A short visit in our office, or just following your regular check-up schedule, will ensure that dental cavities, are well prevented and treated. In our office, we offer tooth-coloured fillings, instead of traditional metal fillings. These are typically made from porcelain, are safer and longer lasting than metal fillings. Additionally, they are nearly indistinguishable from the natural tooth tissue, preserving the appearance and beauty of your smile. If a tooth’s size or shape has been compromised, we will have to use a more intrusive restoration procedure, starting with a dental inlay or onlay. These cosmetic restorations, are custom-shaped, using impressions of the natural tooth for a perfect individual fit, and are designed to support the structure of the tooth, in addition to improving the appearance of decayed teeth. In more severe cases, we may use a dental crown, to replace the entire surface of the tooth, or even more, dental implants, that replace the entire lost tooth to restore function
and beauty.