Restorative Dentistry

When you visit us in our office, we will look at all the options available and make a recommendation based on the best scenario in your particular situation. We will also discuss alternatives, pros and cons in each case and we will certainly design together with you the best reconstructive dentistry procedure that you will feel comfortable with. Our experienced staff has been around in the industry enough to provide you with extensive expertise together with the familiarity with all the latest trends in modern dentistry.


Crowns are partial reconstructions of damaged teeth that are placed either on your own tooth or dental implants. A crown requires multiple visits into our dental office to prepare the base tooth for the crown, create the mould needed by the dental laboratory to create the final crown, then adjust and permanently install the crown on the prepared tooth or implant.


Bridges are reconstructions of missing teeth that anchor on existing teeth or implants. Whenever you loose one or more teeth, it is recommended to replace them with bridges to keep the healthy remaining teeth from drifting form the natural position thus maintaining your current smile. A bridge requires multiple visits in our office to prepare the healthy teeth that will help anchor the new bridge in place, create the moulds for the dental laboratory, adjust and final install the bridge in place. A dental bridge should last you not less than 10 years in normal conditions.


These could be either partial or full dentures. Both are made in a dental laboratory based on the mould we will take in our dental office. It will take more than a single visit to have the dentures finalised.

Partial dentures
are made out of a couple of false teeth and are anchored on nearby existing teeth that are strong enough to carry the added
load. Partial dentures are easily removable by yourself since are not fixed or permanently attached to your existing teeth.

Full dentures
are used when all your teeth are missing, and again, would require more than one visit into our office. Regardless of the type of denture you have or you will soon get, you should take extra care of them as these would be your own teeth.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are small metal posts installed into your jawbone by your specialized dental care provider. Dental implants are not for everyone, for example if you are missing teeth for a long time, the bone may have shrunk thus limiting the supporting structure for implants, etc. However there are corrective measures, these are all surgical procedures and may
take time, determination and will cost more than traditional dental reconstruction procedures.

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