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Oral health refers to the health of your teeth and your mouth. Maintaining good oral health includes keeping your teeth free from cavities and keeping your gums free from disease.

Did You Know?

The health of your gums, teeth and mouth are very important to your overall health. There is definitive research that which shows the connection between poor oral health and systemic disease such as diabetes in people of all ages and respiratory diseases particularly among elderly people. New research is now pointing to possible connections between oral health and other systemic conditions such as heart disease and premature, low birth weight babies.
Although researchers are still learning about the links between oral health and general health, oral disease itself can cause pain, tooth loss and bad breath.

What Can You Do?

To maintain healthy teeth and a healthy mouth, you can take the following steps'

Brush and floss your teeth daily'

Visit your dental professional regularly to have your mouth and teeth examined. See your dental professional immediately if you notice any problems.

void smoking. If you do smoke, make sure to visit your dental professional regularly'

If you are pregnant, be sure to eat healthy foods and maintain a good oral health'

Brush your children's teeth for them, until they have the dexterity to write their own name (not print). They should then, be able to brush their own teeth with your guidance.

Remember that it is important to maintain the health of your mouth and teeth throughout your lifetime.

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