A series of documents, from various sources, that we feel, may be of interest to you.

Adults - Dental Facts

Useful information about your dental health in one place

Children Dental Facts

General knowledge about your children teeth and the effect on their future

Seniors - Dental Facts

Seniors oral health information and care of the aged teeths and their replacements

Overall Health

The effect of oral health on your overall general health

Healthy Living

Healthy living  guidelines and the benefit to your oral health.

Simple steps to oral health

Five  simple steps to follow for your well being and a good oral health

From tooth decay to dental implants

Unraveling mysteries of oral health and regress of tooth decay to dental implants

Dental Erosion

General information about denal erosion, causes and steps to prevent it

Understanding Radiation

Facts about radiation, X-Ray and their use  in our Dental Office

Athletic mouth guards

The mouthguards and the facts you should be considering

Fluorides and dental health

Health benefits of fluoriden on human health and what you need to know

Dentist anxiety

We are all terified by the dentist. A couple of simple ways to ease your mind

Canada Food Guide

At least but not last, the Canadian food guide general info

Fun facts

A Little about tooth paste history throughout the mankind evolution

Zoom Whitening

A couple of things you should know about whitening and the effect of it